May 06, 2014

Celebrating Space Week

Celebrating the Teachers Who
Take Us to Space
Most of you don't know this, but while I was competing and traveling as a Champion dancer, I was also teaching kids. I taught Kindergarten, Junior High and even taught in the inner-city high schools. I loved my job. I loved the kids. And though I took great joy in teaching so many people the wonderful and intimate art of dance... I believe my greatest achievement yet still lies in those classrooms, in the hearts of those students.

But I never would have taught them, I never would have reached them, if I hadn't first been inspired by those teachers who taught me. I was so lucky to have so many that not only encouraged curiosity, but let it thrive. I believe Space is one create curiosity - and our love of it is a sign of our humanity - our love of expansion, searching, questions and joy. 

This short and perfect clip brought to mind every person and place that sparked- and gave oxygen to- my own little flame of curiosity... and helped me look up. From the night-time program park rangers of our
National Parks, to the Smithsonian Space Museum's piece of the moon to my own sister's astronomy tower. They were all teachers. Let's celebrate them this week, as well as our curiosity.