May 09, 2014

#73: We Will Never Forget

When Fashion Remembered
What separates us from the animals, 
what separates us from the chaos, 
is our ability to mourn people we've never met. 
-David Levithan

I know we're in the middle of all the hubbub of Fashion Week.
Maybe it's because I'm over here on the West Coast
where it seems easier to forget everything and anything

that is reality based...
but I haven't forgotten 9/11.

It seems like most have.

I don't hear about it on the news,
I don't hear about it even IN the news ever - never
ever at all anymore.

It's not referenced.
It's not remembered.
It's just documented.

Documentaries are all that is left. Oh, they are 
good ones - so good we feel we can set them aside
and alone. Without re-living it.

Well. I remember.
And I think you do too.

So let us not allow Fashion Week to slide right
by without a shake of the head.
Let's shake it, stay quiet,

Because they are still out there.
Their voices still call.
The muffled room that
became New York that day
still exists. Underneath the new structures and the old.
The grey dust still lingers, if you hold still enough to taste it.

Let's remember.
No matter where we are.

Photo credit:
Tobias Everke

From Weekly Note #73: Fall Migration... for WCS? (Shagadelic, Baby!). Released September 2013.