May 21, 2014

#81: Operation Shoebox

We do not seek accolades, yet I find it very satisfying (and humbling) to know you believe in us. -Thank You Note from Officer Lewis Thomas

I've rarely had the joy of giving out Halloween candy to kids. I used to work that holiday for so many years! But this year I finally had it off and, oh! It was such a treat to hand out candy once again this year.

But I learned from last year that my Halloween candy can sit around for months and months without any hope of it disappearing. So this time did something about it: I Googled it. "What do I do with my leftover Halloween candy?" And up came Operation Shoebox.

Turns out the troops need TWO big things from us:

1. travel sized toiletries, and

2. candy!

Now, I used to travel just as much as you did, so I threw my incredible myriad of toiletries from all the hotels over the years, along with my halloween candy, and poof! Sent it on over to Operation Shoebox in Florida.

They sent back the sweetest thank you note ever! 

So since we're all dancers here, and since many of us travel or used to travel, take the time this Christmas to put those extra goodies to good use.

Our troops don't get to enjoy all the holiday lights, white flocked Christmas trees and music in all the halls and shopping malls.

You can donate to whoever you want, but if you'd like to send over your extras or your gifts, just throw them in a box and send them here:

8360 East Highway 25
Belleview. Fl. 34420

They pack up the boxes themselves, so if you're not up to making it all snazzy, no worries.

Love to you all!!!
xoxoxo, K

The Sidebar Article from Weekly Note #81: Prepare to Touchdown! (A Special Announcement). Revised and updated. Released December 2013.