May 06, 2014

#68: (Illegal) Facebook Wars

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Ah, readers, how much there is to say... so much that I hardly feel like saying it. I'll do my best. I hope this fills in some blanks and provides some answers and tools for you while you are still a part of this so called "community" of ours.

What a war. What ugliness. When the almighty Facebook declares that the WSDC and NASDE members, teachers, judges and event directors' comments are unfit and abusive... by not only removing comments, but to the point of suspending their accounts, removing their pages and/or deleting their accounts altogether...

But the WSDC heads haven't even so much as said "boo," never mind removing them from their site... well. That might just say everything right there.

Thank the Lord. Facebook finally set some ground rules. Abuse, harassment and cyber-bullying is no longer tolerated. The law has finally caught up with Facebook and they have responded accordingly. It's about time. So listen up.

Want to threaten me with violence? I can report you.
Want to threaten one of my readers? We can both report you. 
Want to say something nasty about someone? Do it.
We'll report you. 
And you'll regret it.

If there is anything, anything, ANYTHING that you, my amazing and wonderful readers, that you find distasteful, off color, rude or even untrue on Facebook, you can now report it. 

(Of course, you can also turn it over to the police - which is what I now do. But this is much more of a short-cut, don'tcha think?)

Just hold your cursor over the top right hand box of the comment, post, etc, and a little x or down arrow will appear.

Click on it and select "Hide."

It will then ask you if you'd like to report the words to Facebook. Click "report."

It'll give you a lot of options. Always choose "harassment" - that is another word for cyber-bullying. It's what they are doing and it's why FB knocks 'em off for it. 

(Facebook often changes the wording or prompts I just listed. If you need help, just google or facebook the question and a million sites will tell you the current way to do it.)

Here's the great thing. It's ANONYMOUS. No one will know you reported it.

Secondly, Facebook decides if it's removal worthy, so you can report all you like and let them decide.

Our Facebook community is unsafe right now. It gets ugly in a jiffy. People can be bright and cheery one moment, and then disgusting the next. Breaking the law is much more commonplace in WCS than any other community I know of, other than the mafia, and that's really saying something right there.

It's about time there was something we could do something about it.

And now we can.

Help make our community safe by doing your part:


From Weekly Note #68: History of Points and Champions (Champion of Champions.) Released July 2013. Copyright 2014.