May 09, 2014

#70: Rearview Mirror (France)

The "Happening" in France
I suppose I should apologize for "announcing it to the whole world," as one reader put it, when it comes to the France issue I mentioned last week, especially when I'm not able to say exactly what happened. Last week, under the Community News section, I simply said that yes, the France thing did happen and no, don't let them tell you it didn't. But I didn't say exactly what happened over there.

Maybe it's because I said it in the first line of my article (the version on this blog has the Community News section after The Lobby article) and therefore it was the only line that was read, or maybe because you're starved for juicy bites of WCS gossip because the same drama keeps happening every weekend and it gets boring...?

..But I have to say, I've felt like Kris Kringle these last two weeks. With stacks and stacks of emails, texts and FB messages (well, a very modern Kriss Kringle anyway!)... the letters are pouring in from all over the world. But this time they aren't asking for all kinds of treats. This time they all have the same wish list.
I can't remember the last time I received so many requests for "what happened."

Well, folks, I'm sorry to disappoint you. I cannot say more than I have in the previous Notes about France. I only mentioned it because, number one, I assumed you would've heard of it, or that you soon would have. This has always been the case. How often have I talked about happenings in our WCS community without having to break it all down by hour, date and players?

This time was no different - or at least I thought. I wrote only as I have always done before...

But this time, however, things seem to be different. I myself have come to the conclusion that it's the nature of the 'happening' affecting things. We, as a community, have never experienced any kind of 'happening' like it.

I know, I know, I'm probably making it worse, your curiosity by saying all this, but I'm saying all this to make a point.

Telling you what happened would break my promise to those who were there and called in. They had specific requests before sharing it all with me, and I agreed, not thinking it would be something to worry about. We are a gossip-y community. I had no idea I would be Kris Kringle today.

So just know this: I know my relationship with each one of you is built on trust. If you ever worried about calling in because you think I would share your name or information you didn't want shared, take this as proof. If a reader asks me not to tell anyone certain things... I don't. Not even to my close circle of friends. Period.

Today I keep my mouth shut over the France issue out of respect for my reader, not because I don't trust my friends or you. Oh yes, some aspects of some things shared with me I definitely share with others if asked... but only when the reader does not lay out some specific boundaries, as has been done in this case.

It's a first. No one's requested this much before. But they obviously knew what they were doing. Because word hasn't spread, has it. The people making money over there locked it down, so it's up to you to do the detective work.

God bless your search... it's clearly being kept from you by those who were there. A few teachers from the event were lying about it afterwards, and my mention of it in the last Note was my attempt to squash that lie. Guess it wasn't enough. The cover up continues.

I believe in your tenacity! 

Katherine :)

This is the Rearview Mirror for Weekly Note #69: The Lobby. It is in reference to "#1: FRANCE" of the Community News section. This Rearview Mirror was released in August of 2013.