May 24, 2014

#84: Rearview Mirror - MJ or Coke?

#83: MJ or Coke?
Dear Readers,

I hope that last week's Weekly Note #83: MJ or Coke? helped you. I really do. It was a scary thing to write, of course, but once I was done... I couldn't believe how light I felt. I floated like a feather for a full day. The weight of my un-spoken knowledge must have weighed much more greatly upon me then I could have ever realized. 

For those of you who have always known, or who didn't want to know - I don't know how you do it. I don't know how you can stay silent without paying a heavy price. I know I paid one. I'm starting to feel like we Deep Water people are, if anything, great at keeping secrets. I no longer think that's such a good thing.

How many kids could have been saved had we not looked the other way? How many people would have been spared abuse had we ever simply pushed back? And perhaps that's what you all share - abuse. I hope you become brave enough to stand up to it - to work towards preventing it - instead of waiting for it to lower the boom.

For the rest of you, here is some information that I think, from your feedback, will help to clarify some things.

Number one - please, please, please please! Watch a documentary on cocaine. Please. People are finding them to be insanely helpful! It will be like you've woken up for the first time ever. Do it, do it, do it! You'll be so glad you did!

Number two - When I said, "you have no power over me," some of you assumed I was talking of those who were later mentioned in the Note, like Sarah or Deborah. This is completely false.

I was talking to the Deep Water dancers of the Points world. They push "never say names" just as hard as Deborah, Sarah, Victor, Louie - which only supports the reign of terror instead of restoring honor, education and real WCS.

Number three - you have probably wondered why Deborah, having once been so powerful, isn't even in The Ten today. This is not by choice. Two things played a great factor:

a) Deborah body had a difficult time with all the travel after a few years. Her and Robert Cordoba, who somewhat 'pushed' Deborah upon us all (her first partner was Steve Neeren), first started splitting assignments. Instead of working event on one weekend together, they split and taught at two separate events on the same weekend.

It was a heavy blow to her body, once reported to have both hips and both knees replaced due to her ballet training in NYC (though I never heard the fact confirmed in the family). Since the extensive travel did not go well on her body, she had to slow down - and slow down significantly.

b) The more central reason is actually connected to Jordan and Tatiana. For some reason, which I still do not understand to this day, Jordan and Tatiana did not want to wait until they were old enough to dance in the adult divisions. Jordan was (okay - is) highly competitive and somehow had Jack and Annie, who had just institutionalized Points, pushing the event directors and head judges to let J&T dance "up."

Now, this was incredibly unusual. WCS was known for its rules and all of us who came before had to wait our turns. Well...

This all happened at the exact moment that Sarah & Deborah had cemented their reign. The champions division had been fully expelled of any unruly or independent thinkers or dancers and closed off to any new and upcoming hopefuls.... which, as I said before, is why J&T were shoved up into the throne.

Now. Sarah is smarter and much less rash than Deborah. While Deborah was running about telling everyone "Just let them come up - I dare them to even try and and beat us!" - Sarah was quiet. Oh, she plotted away with Deborah as usual, but she didn't attack J&T - she waited. And when the winner was declared - J&T won the open over her and Kyle in their first adult division and Benji & Heidi beat Robert & Deborah the very same year and also for their very first adult division.... well. Sarah had her answer.

Deborah faded away, having placed all her chips on one bet, and Sarah lived on... weaving her web right out, around and through J&T - until the new "besties" they became. I mean - guess who boycotted Mario's judging alongside Jordan & Tatiana... aaaahhhh.... are things coming into focus now??? Mmmmm...

PS - January posted record sales! Thank you everyone across the world. I am so, so! blessed!

The Rearview Mirror for Weekly Note #83: MJ or Coke? This Rearview Mirror was released in Weekly Note #84: Playing Monopoly. First released in February 2014. Revised and updated.