May 19, 2014

#78: The Monopoly

A New Audio Exposé is Here!
I am speaking for all of us. I'm the spokesman for a generation. -Bob Dylan

I am so glad you guys are loving the new Audio Exposé podcasts. At the start I was calling them my Memories, but after listening to my 10th confession or so, I realized these jam-packed podcasts weren't properly named.

The more I listened, the more I knew I wasn't just telling observations about my time with Boogie by the Bay... I was sharing tips, insights, secrets and scandals about everything... from The Ten, to the Council, to workshops, to... well, everythiiiiiiiing! So I knew I had to call them something else.

I've decided upon Audio Exposés: My Memories, Stories & More. Much more appropriate, yes? Or simply Audio Exposés for short. Ta da! Now, onto my most scandalous Exposé.

It's the very first Exposé I recorded. The first! But I didn't release it first because it simply would've been too much to handle without any kind of... well... "introduction" to my Exposés first. And that's for a very good reason. You'll understand why by your first listen through.

Today's Audio Exposé is called The Monopoly. You may have heard of it by now. Believe the hype.

I open with a story about the US Open and how the Art of War was used to manipulate it and the final placements in the Classic Division, and I wrap the podcast up with the story about a Monopoly that's held one huge city in its grip for ten years, driving out all WCS instructors and dancers. 

I talk about the "Four Guys" in great detail. Maybe you'll recognize someone. Maybe you'll know all of them! (I later reveal, in Weekly Note #84: Playing the Monopoly, that the four men I name in the Monopoly are Ben Morris, Jack Smith, Doug Silton and Pete Green in the Southern California LA/Orange County basin.) 

The #1 thing that's guaranteed is that this Exposé will most definitely prepare you for the people you meet and come across everyday in swing - at conventions, studios and dance nights. "Knowledge is Power." Be empowered. Click below, and listen.


From Weekly Note #78: The Monopoly (New New Audio Exposé!). Released 2013. Revised and updated. The names in the stories are, as follows: Brent & Kellese were manipulated out of the US Open in the first story and in the main story about the Monopoly, Ethan is Ben Morris, Bill is Jack Smith, Mason is Doug Silton, and Jacob is Pete Green.)