May 12, 2014

#75: No Swing at BBB

Changes to BBB 2013
(I designed this logo! Cool, right?)
Since I used to live in the Bay Area and used to work on and for Boogie by the Bay, I thought I should give my students and followers up there a heads up.

The Lindy side of BBB has been deleted this year. I know a lot of you had started going to their workshops instead of the WCS ones, which was a really smart bet - I loved hearing what you learned.

But Sylvia Sykes is all that is left of the Lindy track anymore (so sorry Lindy-babies!!!). She'll be teaching workshops designed for WCS, and as you already know, I respect her tremendously. She's go the info - and identified Abstract as a non-rhythm dance before anyone else I know.

Also, they added A TON of local instructors, which, as you know, might be an interesting new twist on the event. The Bay Area was the birthplace of Abstract Improvisation after all, so if it were up to me, I'd probably re-name it Beat by the Bay, dontcha think?

Anyhow, just a heads up - have fun, stay safe and by all means, make sure you see that Golden Gate Bridge!!! (My offer still stands - a free book for video proof of one entire Drinking Chocolate feat at Ghiradelli Square!)

This was a Sidebar Article in the Weekly Note #75 called Rocking the Rock Step Part 2 (Back to School). Released in September 2013. Logo design was created during my time on the board for BBB.