May 23, 2014

#82: Why the Hate Speech?

How "New" WCS
Dancers Hate
The WCS Revolution seeks to separate and segregate... but they only want to annihilate. Annihilate us not just from WCS events, but studios, clubs and anywhere else where we or the dance itself may be found. 

The quote above is the reason why we had to start the WCS Revolution. We certainly didn't start the war, like I say all the time, as I've often stated, but we certainly have to finish it.

We cannot let an entire culture, an entire dance, an entire community that's been around for 70 years just be burned to the ground, with no sign of ever existing, as they clearly so desire.

But I just have to ask... WHY is this true? Why do these contemporary-abstract-walk-walk-Vegas-thumping "dancers" want real WCS to "die already" as I've seen so many of them write in the comments sections of real WCS videos, instruction clips, and chat rooms, etc?

Look, we swing dancers have asked events again and again and again for a competition for us - for US - to dance real swing in. We've asked for Pure Swing J&J's, routine divisions, etc... We've asked event director after event director, gone to the council, gone to anyone with some kind of power to gift us such divisions and said:

"Put us on any night, any time of day, and we'll be there."

We offered to separate. To segregate. To go our own separate ways. We would have been happy with a side room with our music and a J&J with our dancing.

But NO. Nooooooo!!! No no no no no no no no... Repeatedly shut down at corner after corner, the requests suddenly became heinous - blasphemous - a sort of "offense" to their ears. "THIS," they said, "IS THE NEW SWING."

Which, of course, again translates into: "LET THE OLD SWING DIE ALREADY!!!" Good heavens, they are actually saying these exact words on in black and white on YouTube! - direct attacks on poor unsuspecting happy souls who just wanted to help other learn how to dance, enjoy their dancing and be positve! Enn. Oh. NO.

I swear, I'm pretty smart and I just cannot figure it out...
Why, why, why, why, WHY already???

Sometimes I think the "new swing" crowd gets half of its fun in hate.


Wow. While writing this I just realized... They are a hate group. In every way.

Seriously. They are a bona fide Hate Group. I just got it. Just saw it. And they are checking off all the boxes aligned with Hate Groups. Holy crud.

You should see the emails I get. Maybe I'll write an article about J&T's new routine, wait the usual five minutes for my inbox to fill up... and then post all the hate mail I get for you. With their names and everything.

But it doesn't stop there. That's not the only check-box is it?

There are the violent threats - against my home, myself, my husband. They shut down my business just for writing a single article. No names. Just a my point of view. Here - read it for yourself and see if you think it's worthy of being killed over? If this is what they do in response to that, just imagine what else they're doing to others? Oh man, do I have stories.

I get it now. I just figured it out.

New Swing (Abstract) = Hate Speech = Hate Group.

I don't "hate" the new swing dance itself - I hate that I'm not allowed to dance swing at all, and that dancing it receives such punishment. Okay, I hate that they are calling split weight walking WCS, but then again, I probably wouldn't care if I had a place to dance.

Just sayin'.

Start checking off your own boxes. It's time to take some action. This has got to stop. Let's start hiding and let's start fighting - back.

Sidebar Article from Weekly WCS Note #82: Casting Call (Open to Suggestions), released Monday 2014. NOTE: Hate speech, attacks, and harassment are all ILLEGAL offenses. If you or someone you know is being harassed, bullied or punished on or off line, please report their activity to the appropriate authorities. Much of these hate patterns were born before the law had caught up with the internet, but it is finally here. Authorities and social network companies want their communities to run smoothly and safely. They want you to report offenses. And all reports remain anonymous.