May 06, 2014

#67: Rearview Mirror for 'The Ten'

It's Time to Celebrate
Our Freedom to
It's from the people to the leaders, not the leaders to the people. -Red Skelton's 'And to the Republic'

(NOTE: Harassment and bullying is illegal. They are no longer just problems in school systems - it is now a world-wide problem that is affecting workplaces, hospitals and communities of every size, shape and color. It is never okay. If you or someone you love is experiences stress or disturbance from any source, please contact a local authority and report it. It is unlawful and nearly every state in the USA has declared war on such behavior, since its affecting every level and part of society. Bullying and harassment is a serious issue. Please report it when you see it and keep our communities and your well being safe.

Prior to the following NoteWeekly Note #66: The Ten, was illegally posted on a Facebook chat room. Though the original Note was released without my own answers, its posting caused a enormous amount of cyberbullying and harassment. Hundreds participated

in the illegal harassment against myself and any of those who supported me. I, as usual, did not participate. Facebook shut the entire Chat Room down due to so much illegal activity and suspended hundreds of accounts as a result. The Note you are about to read is my response to all of that ugliness. [I released my answers a year later on this blog. You can find it here.])


Last year a friend and fellow teacher that Nick and I love very very much wrote me:

"I have not received your note in awhile. Did you stop writing them? I hope not; I know you take grief for them at times, but I think you have some very valid points and I appreciate your willingness to bring them to the table for discussion. I don't agree with every word you say, but I expect you are okay with that."
Wow. I felt so very understood. I have carried her words with me ever since, reminding me that my readers know, they know, that submission or omission is the last thing that I would ever ask of you.

"I expect you are okay with that."

Ah. The words are like a salve that soothes this broken heart. I was never looking for war, but if they want one, at least I can give you some armor. If you want it. It's always been your call.

The Stage

Oh, was it SO curious to me! How you experienced last week's Note, #66: The Ten. In general, it took about 3-4 days for you to digest the first part. The jumping and all. And then, unexpectedly for me, you had a myriad of just one question that just stuck out at you. And it ate at you. And you had to go back, re-read it, then re-read it again!

I really thought they would blend into to one another, the questions, in order, in a Word Group... that you would process the questions one by one by one by one... in a series, in a smooth continuous process.

But oh, no. No, no, no, no no. It seems each of you had a wound, a soft spot, a revelation at the reading of one single question that burned off the screen, off the page, off your lap...

And then. You connected the dots alright. Ouch. Cool. Whoa.

Oddly enough, the questions that popped for each of you didn't sort themselves out by country or region either. This fascinated me. I would've thought certain questions would hit certain regions. I'm so very very glad some resonated for you, or gave you answers, or gave you solutions.

For some of you, they opened your eyes to the parts you played to get us here. You saw what you had done. How it had affected our future. And you knew, you knew you could have stopped so much, but you didn't. You aren't the only one. You, too, are not alone. And you don't have to play a part any longer, do you?

They are YOUR questions, that only YOU can answer. (And no, I didn't put any riddles in there. No disguises to throw you off - how in the world would that help you with the dots? Take what I said last week at face value.)

The Virus

Unfortunately, some didn't take these questions so well. Oi. Lordy. I always expect it, but MAN, do I hate it when they come after you!!! Come after me - fine, bring it. I know you, I see you, I understand you and I'm expecting you. Muah. I love you anyways.

But man, my dear readers, I don't ever think you should pay for having your own thoughts and opinions. For those of you not involved in the online world of WCS, you can sit this one out. Enjoy the freedom of dancing without someone else's words in your head.

Now. For those of you ON the networks, you and I both already know about the "E.N.P." Virus, right? The one that automatically kicks in the moment you talk wise words, free words, swing words, honest words?

Ohhhh boy. You're gonna get it. Because the (Earl Pingle and Parker Dearborn) E.N.P Virus hunts those kinds of words down and BAM! You get thrashed by E on one side and P on the other and then, uh oh! You've got the E.N.P. Virus!

The symptoms start showing up... All-Stars from left and right! Mommies from up and down! Ahhhh! Ack! Bleck!...

Have the E.N.P Virus? Here's what the doctor prescribes:

Take a good heaping dose of this:

Best bit of advice I have ever heard regarding haters: 
Never wrestle with a pig. 
You both get dirty but the pig likes it!
-Wayne Goss

Then chase it down with a HUGE dose of this!

Liberty - which is Freedom;
the right of power for one to live his own life
without fears, threats or any sort of retaliation.
-Red Skelton,
on the meaning of the words in the Pledge of Allegiance


Have at it boys and girls.
Let's light some fireworks!