August 26, 2015

Passive-Aggressive Behavior in Dancing and Beyond

"Passive-agressive people are also known as 'the underminers.' They will smile to your face, but then stab you in the back. They will tell you they stood up for you, but they really helped sink you. They will give you a compliment, then follow it up with a negative notation. ("Nice skirt! On sale?") You try to help them get better, change, or understand what they've done, but do not bother. Passive-aggresives 'would rather be right than successful.'"

I took down these notes and more at a medical seminar recently. I found it interesting that even the medical profession recognizes that this pattern of behavior is so prevalent in society that the general public needs to be trained, not just psychiatrists or sociologists. What about you? Who is passive-aggressive in your life? I find that women are much more passive-aggressive then men. We can be our worst enemies, whether on the dance floor or in the work place. Think of a woman you know in dancing who has been nice to your face, but cuts you off on the dance floor? Critiques your clothing choices, partner choices - any choices at all - right after complimenting you?

June 26, 2015

#109b: What is a Cult? The Five Things They All Have

Cults: Get in Line or Get Out
What exactly is a cult? I hear that question all the time. There are 5 signs that I'll break down for you in a moment, but the bottom line is - cults are hella scary! 

They are pits of quicksand that operate waaaay more like black holes; they don't just suck you in and suffocate you, filling your lungs, ears, mouth and tears with tiny granules of glass - they pull you inside out too, scattering every molecule of you across space and time... and your family too.

Cults aren't cancer. They are much more deadly than that.

Those who are powerless - or oblivious - make the best prey, so this article is specifically designed to empower you - empower you with the skills to see, smell and feel a cult coming before it envelopes you or one of your loved ones. Here we go:

#109: The Five Stages of Grief for WCS

Five Stages of Grief:
How they Apply to WCS
The five stages - denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance - are a part of the framework that makes up our learning to live with the one we lost. They are tools to help us frame and identify what we may be feeling. -Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

I want to take a moment to talk to you specifically about this week's Quote of the Week.

When it comes to the five stages of grief and loss, we usually attribute them to people who have lost a loved one or a job, etc. But I think we can all relate to these stages in terms of losing WCS as well.

In fact, I think it's vital that we understand just how many of us are going through - or have gone through - these five stages.

Video of the Week: The Choreography Tricks Behind Walk Like an Egyptian

For the first time in the history of WCS, see how a real high-level Classic WCS Routine is made - not for students, but for the professionals themselves. 

Go behind the scenes and see how the best of the best champions choreograph. Includes never-before-seen footage, secret tricks no one teaches and much, much more! It's a rare look behind high-level WCS routines, and for the first time in history - we're breaking it down - just for you.

The Making of Walk Like an Egyptian:
Never Before Seen Footage & More

January 07, 2015

The Time Came - Part 1

It's Time to Break the Last Bonds:
Why Our Heroes Didn't Fight
Betrayal gives tremendous insights into a character. -Anita Shreve

Everyone was talking about it, from hotel rooms, to the back rooms, to the hotel lobby floors. Whispers here, arguments there, pleading elsewhere and disgust and despair was everywhere. 
"There's a different dance."
"It's not swing."
"That's not swing music."
"That's nothing like anything I've ever learned out there."
Everywhere, everywhere, from room to room... the whispers were higher and growing and bubbling over into a quiet, silent, roar. But we couldn't put our finger on it. Couldn't find the culprit, the sneak, the trickster. We couldn't put words to it, words to it! WORDS TO IT!!!

And then The Time Has Come appeared. It gave it a name. It gave us a voice. And most importantly, it gave us all... a choice.

The Time Came - Part 2

What Happened???
The Final Answer
Drug addicts are no longer the people you love. -Dr. Brad Lander, The Columbus Dispatch

Dear Readers,

This is the second and final piece to my latest and greatest work: The Time Came. It's the much needed and lately promised follow-up to the article The Time Has Come, which first announced and defined the new dance of Abstract Improvisation a few years ago. More importantly, though, it warned that the price of complicity - that doing nothing would be the death of the dance called West Coast Swing. 

It was a call to arms. It struck deep and it struck hard. Its boom echoed across the world. And the WCS Revolution began.