May 12, 2014

#77: Behind the Scenes of BBB Part 2

The Anniversary Celebration Con'ts
BBB Part 2 - Audio Exposé
Any problem, big or small, within a family, always seems to start with bad communication. Someone isn't listening. -Emma Thompson

Now, before we get going, let me first say that I released a surprise Note to you on Friday. I know you look forward to my normal Monday morning releases, but it was for good reason. A special occasion. You'll see. 

So before you check today's Note out, go ahead and search your inbox for Friday's release. (Or find it here: Weekly Note #76: Behind the Scenes of BBB Part 1.) Then come join us again!

Now, to those of you who were devilish enough to actually listen to the entire podcast of Behind the Scenes of BBB: Part 1/2 with me since Friday, then I congratulate you! You've figured out that  my memories and my experiences are extremely powerful... if you know how to use them.

So think about the things I notice and the things I say. I didn't become a Deep Water person on accident. I didn't share wings with swing royalty by simply being there at the right time and place. Be careful. Be aware. Take notice of things and do as I do... listen! It can change more than your WCS life, as your colleagues can tell you.

Now, be prepared for Part 2, here. I get more political. I talk about those in The Ten, the event directors and more behind-the-scenes BS than I do in the first part... we left off just as the podcast was winding up, right? So be ready! Ground your feet. And listen very, very carefully... and you'll learn a lot.

Be loved, be blessed and take care!

Here it is! The scandalous Part 2!


From Weekly Note #77: Behind the Scenes of BBB Part 2 (The Anniversary Celebration Continues!), released October 2013. Revised and updated.