The Weekly Notes Archive

Setting Dancers Free:
The First Collection of Notes
The Weekly WCS Notes were invented by Katherine to meet her readers needs. Her Articles had started a revolution. It was time to feed to fire faster. People were hungry for more - now.

So she wrote "rough articles" weekly by email - an online Revolutionary Pamphlet - if you will. She covered multiple topics, to a closely guarded email list that quickly grew to span the globe (85 countries and counting).

It changed the everything. Not just WCS.

Here is a complete and up-to-date list of all Weekly WCS Notes ever released.

The Notes you'll find in Setting Dancers Free:
#1: 'Boogie' Music? ©
#2: Soft vs. Hard Abstract Improvisation © - Book Version
#3: Swing is Swing ©
#4: Scary Scary Scary! ©
#5: US Open 'Z'DC? ©
#6: The Judging
#7: Groupies & More...
#8: Thanksgiving Beauty
#9: The Results are IN! (Scoring the US Open)
The "Holiday History" Series* (see below for full series description)
       #10: Holiday History
       #11: Best Gift EVER!
       #12: Slowing Down... to 130bpm?
#13: 2012 Dreams
#14: Location Location Location
#15: New Routine
#16: Generational Swing
#17: Watering the Tree
#18: The Tenets of Swing © - Book Version
#19: The "New" Etiquette #20: Facing the Music
#21: 'Word' Groups
#22: I Dare You
#23: Tall Tales
#24: The Hands Have It
                            Special Editions** (see below for a full series description)
                                #25: Swing Therapy
                                #26: Triple Threat
                                #27: Convention Mention © - Book Version
                                #28: D-Day
                                #29: Evolution vs. Devolution
                                #30: Independence Day
*Holiday History Notes:

To heal the community from what was arguably one of the worst US Open controversies in its history, Katherine changed the course of the Notes for the Month of December that year. Theses Holiday History Notes were jam packed with never before seen copies of publications, photos, fun facts, shocking facts, photos and pieces of WCS history that had been lost for decades. Even the color and layouts of the Notes were different. It was a good end to an incredible year. And as always happens with historical documents - they forced teachers who had been making up stories about our history to serve their own purposes - to tell the truth. The Holiday History Notes ended up making WCS history on their own.

**Special Edition Notes:

These 6 "Special Edition" Notes were written and released when I thought I'd never be writing again. I wanted my readers to have all of my knowledge, my secrets and my power to move forward on their own when I was gone... and I did it in 6 whole Notes. From #25: Swing Therapy, to #30: Independence Day, I said it all. And the world was engulfed in flame. The readers wrote in like never before. One of these Notes had nearly 10x the response of any Note in the history of Weekly Notes. The final Note ended up mirroring what our forefathers wrote in the actual Declaration of Independence.

I may not have known I was going to be able to write again - and I may have written an entire book's worth in just 6 Notes alone, but I'm glad it happened the way it did. These Notes are almost holy in their accuracy, poignancy and faith. They are perfect. Just as they are.

Every die-hard fan of WCS has a copy of Setting Dancers Free on their bookshelf AND on their Kindle or phone. It's just that important to have around. It's reference we all use all the time, including me - the author!

I did write again, but never like before Not every week. Not in succession. But I did make some huge discoveries down the road, changing lives, even years later. From The Lobby, to The Monopoly, to The Time Came, to Welcome to WCS to, ultimately, What is a Cult?... here is a complete list of the rest of my Weekly WCS Notes:
#31: Evidence
#36: The New Council Needs You
#81: Prepare to 'Touchdown!'
#82: Open to Suggestions
#87: My Problem with Points | Truth Behind Points | Naming the Ten
#88: Where Things Stand Now
#99: My Apologies & More
#100: Real Swing
#101: Preparing for the Big One
#102: The Time Came - Part One
#103: The Time Came - Part Two
#104: Welcome to WCS! (Video series annc)
#105: Welcome to WCS! Part 2 + Lisa McPherson and the Cult
#106: Welcome to WCS! Part 3 - Terminology
#107: Happy Happy!
#108: Welcome to WCS! Part 4 - Names, Names, Names
#109: Knowing | Part 1
#109: What is a Cult? | Five Stages of Guilt | Part 2
#110: Cyber-Slavery (
#111: Jordan and Tatiana's Last Routine
#112: The Ghostbusters
#113: A Year in Swing
#114: How School Hurt Us
#115: Big Announcement
#116: Don't Forget
#117: 100 Notes Released!