March 18, 2011

In the Beginning...

It is time. 
It is time for me to write and share and explore and discover and laugh... with you! I was a writer in the dance community before I taught my first private lesson, before I owned my ballroom & swing studio, before I graduated from college even! But then those things took over. I wrote for In The Swing, 5-6-7-8 Magazine and even Let's Dance News. I think all of them are gone now, and the swing community has changed drastically since then.

But people are still asking questions, and they still tell me that I've missed my calling as a comedian after workshops and I'm getting more and more emails and phone calls on my insights, opinions and experiences than ever before.  Not only that, but I'm driving 2,200 miles a week teaching. I simply can't be everywhere at once... until now!

So buckle your seat belts. I intend (and I do emphasize intend) to write to you once a week. I plan to write on, so far, four topics:

What I Love this Week
Things I noticed this week that I just love. It may be something I saw at a dance event, on the dance floor, with students... whatever. But I'll love it.

What I Could Do Without this Week
'Nuff said. What I could really do without. (And I'll bet you'll find I'm not alone!)

What I Discovered this Week
I'm discovering, processing, analyzing and observing all the time. Plus, I've got a "steel trap memory combined with insane contacts," as a fellow pro likes to call it, all allowing me to piece things together and discover new concepts or reasons or history. These are the things my husband loves hearing about the most from me, and it's also what a lot of my SwingIN's are based on (my swing intensives). I love watching people's eyes pop during those workshops!

Katherine's Questions
People ask me questions all the time and sometimes the answers are relevant to all dancers. It'll be a fun little topic :)

Now, I emphasized that this is what I intend to do.  I've got a few books I'm in the middle of writing and this will be a good little exercise for me to stay in the writing mode. Also, I know that I walk away from events, lessons, gigs, and even conversations just brimming with the need to write, so I might skip around on topics, I might skip weeks and I might even do two a week.  So again, the four topics a month are what I "intend."

It's onward, and it's upward!

See you on the dance floor!
Katherine Krok Eastvold
© 2011 Katherine Krok Eastvold