August 14, 2017

#104: Welcome to WCS!

New Series Just for You:
Welcome to West Coast Swing!
From the end...
Spring new beginnings. 
-Pliny the Elder

From Weekly Note #104: Welcome to WCS! (Click to view original Note.)

Last summer I mentioned a new series of videos I was working on. I'd finished taping them but they never quite made it online. The timing just didn't work.

But that's all in the past! I'm happy to announce that Part One of this four part series is up online on my GetSwingIN YouTube Channel. If you are already subscribed, then you've probably seen the announcement already!

But if you're not subscribed, let me fill you in...

About a year ago I realized that, though I'd written millions of words on WCS, I had not yet written anything specifically for those who are brand spanking new to the dance. Nearly everything I'd written was for those already in the community those already submerged and lost in the dark, muddy waters. Whether they'd been in a full month to a full lifetime, I'd dedicated my pen to the task of offering a firm hand to help pull them out and into fresh air.

But I started to ask myself, "What about those just arriving to the pond?" What about those who know nothing about WCS, so they dive in head first, not knowing the controversy, wars and conflict they would eventually face by doing so... What about them?

And so I recorded an entire series specifically for the newcomers, beginners and researchers of WCS. It's four episodes long. I called it the Welcome to WCS! series, and now... it's here! 

I hope you share it with everyone you know that is just starting out, or asking any kind of questions.

My goals? To give TOOLS to newcomers so that they can have FUN and SUCCEED in WCS - whatever that looks like for them. Everyone is different, so I give answers with options:
-Do they want to compete? I outline what to expect and how to win/be successful.
-Do they want to social dance? I outline where they can find places to do so.
-Do they want to dance WCS or Abstract Improv? I tell them about both and leave the choice up to them... 
Here is an outline of the 4 part series:

Part 1
  • Why the podcast exists
  • The three major groups in WCS
  • The largest group of WCS
Part 2
  • The two other groups (yikes!)
  • How & why it's so important to know about each one
Part 3
  • Terminology!
  • The crazy terms you'll need to know to survive
  • Getting Lost
Part 4
  • Names! 
  • Who's Who and for What in WCS
  • AND
  • How to keep your WCS experience a POSITIVE one!!!
I'll share more with you next week, but for now, I'm excited to announce that Part 1 is now LIVE and online for everyone to enjoy and share on YouTube! Go ahead and listen and enjoy. It's jam packed with info for those in WCS already as well - you don't want beginners to know more than you now, do you? No! Have at it!


It's a wonderful start, right? Check back weekly as I release the rest of the fantastic series one by one. 

Love & joy to you all,

This has been an excerpt from Weekly Note #104: Welcome to WCS!