August 14, 2017

WCS Freestyle Footwork 4 - First FULL Song Release in 5 Years!

Why I'm Dancing Again - And It's Good
(Video after the jump!)

When I created the Freestyle Footwork concept more than a year ago, I had no idea how poor my health was at the time - or how much worse it was about it get.

Shortly after taping those three short videos, I learned just how bad my knee really was - a full root tear of the right meniscus. Snapped right off in the middle of a Salsa dance.

So I stopped dancing and started rehabbing. In fact, my time spent rehabbing, up until three months ago, lead me to believe I was done dancing... FOR GOOD. So I said goodbye to that part of my life, and was grateful for the time I had been given. It was hard and it took a long time, but I did it.

Then-- suddenly, new doctors, new treatments and most of all - new medicines. I rarely get to dance now... but... I. GET. TO. DANCE!!!

So, in honor of that, I've pledged to film as much of it as I can for you, so that you can learn from a real Champion, with real technique, doing real WCS, just like
we all did back in the day, and I'll get stronger and hopefully, we can grow together. I never want to take this gift for granted again, and I want to give back as much as I can. This is the best way I know how - to celebrate the amazing gift of dance.

So I decided to put on music I love dancing WCS to this time, and I love Ruthie Foster's Death Came a Knockin' (Travelin' Shoes). I posted my first camera test on my new Instagram account (@wcsrevolution) and since then, I've been sticking to the rule - first take only! Though it's REALLY hard to dance to a song once!

So here's my first take. A full 3:30 of dancing. Enjoy, everyone. 

Freestyle Footwork rules (that I made up for myself, of course) - pick song, hit record, post the first take - done!

This is a rough draft of the recording, so up your volume to watch. Love!