August 23, 2017

Freestyle Footwork 6 Video Goes Pop with SIA

The story behind Freestyle Footwork #6
Video after the jump!
As you know from my last post, I have to wait until my health says "yes" to a taping of these Freestyle Footwork videos.

It was a long 14 days after my last video, Layla, that I was able to film again. It was so bad, I thought it had been a month. So when my body whispered "maybe?" I was chomping at the bit.

So I devised a plan: find a song that would yank my body past the pain and into my excitement and desire.

Solution? Cheap Thrills by the amazing artist Sia (who sounds like Rihanna, don't you think? What a voice! Where has Sia been all this time? Australia should've coughed her up sooner, dang it!)

Now, Sia's favorite song of mine has been, and probably always will be,
Elastic Heart, simply because I thought the original choreography was an incredible "once in a generation" piece. History in the making. Especially when you understood the context (the imp vs the adult within us all - fighting for and against what's best for us).

But today I wanted to dance with my feet... which means SWING! And Elastic Heart is strictly Abstract Improvisation, no bones about it. And Cheap Thrills? - well, heck. Even its music video has swing dancing in it! It passed the test immediately: my body couldn't help itself when the song came on - it moved.

It moved past the pain and into the light:
the light and the glory that is WCS.

But probably best of all, dancing Cheap Thrills warmed me up to do another Freestyle Footwork right after that one! Because... heck - it might be another 14 days, y'know? I did Tracy Chapman, who I'd had on my list from the very beginning.

So here we go - my first FULL SONG to Pop Music for you. Hope you enjoy!