November 12, 2012

#52: Two Books, Four Big Perks!

I can't tell you how good it is to have these books on my desk. I already use them for reference nearly every day. Sign up for my World Famous Email List to get great discounts! In the meantime, here's four big reasons to grab yours in time for the holidays:

Reason #1: ANONYMITY!!!

November 07, 2012

The First Book is HERE!

The New Book: Telling the Truth
Some of the Brand New Material
That's right... the book is finally HERE!

And I couldn't be happier with it. And neither can my readers! I'm already hearing such great stories. I'm grateful. I added and expanded my most popular topics with a TON of new info. Already, I'm hearing from studios and students that they weren't expecting so much NEW info... they love it! They've already begun incorporating them into their classes and dancing.

Here are some of the new things I've added to this AMAZING new book...
  • Brand New Introduction
  • First Ever Definition and Syllabus for WCS
  • Breakdown of Rhythms... what they are and how they are used
  • A TON of new stories and info in Routines 101
  • An all NEW Swing Essentials
  • Expanded Classics

If you have loved any of my writing... then you will LOVE this book. It's my best. And with so much new information, you'll be glad it's on your bookshelf for easy reference!

Buy Telling the Truth today!

And thank you so much to my readers for all your help getting me here.
I never could have done it without you!