April 24, 2013

#61: April's Fool - A WCS Story

Don't be a fool!
Weekly Note #61
Where sickness thrives, bad things will follow. - Tolkein

This is the Note everyone needs to read. Everyone. It changed the world in one single day. Read on...

I have changed the two dancers' names in the story to protect their identities. This is a true story, from start to finish. A real life "Aesop's Fable," if you will. Read on...

(aka APRIL vs. MAY )

This is a story about April and May. Two women, two dancers, two attendees of a recent new WSDC convention, only in its second year. April and May also share another quality; they are both in the Novice division. They both signed up for the Novice Jack & Jill and they both danced to the same music on the dance floor.  But this is where their similarities end. Let's get to know them, shall we?

Meet April. She's 25, but only looks 15 when she isn't at a convention. Mostly this is due to the way she holds herself. She wears torn jeans, baggy t-shirts with deep dipping V's so that you can see different parts of her bra from time to time because she holds herself "tucked in." She wraps her arms around herself, tucks her shoulders forward and down so that when she talks, she appears smaller and less pushy, no matter what she's actually saying.