Pure WCS Videos

This page has pure WCS videos only. The following are dances that are at least 60-90% real swing  and done with the Three T's (Timing, Technique and Teamwork). I'll be updating it from time to time with new videos. And remember! Just because you see someone here dance swing DOES NOT mean they still do. Trust the dancing only, not the names.

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(Last updated Wed, August 21st 2013)

The "Traditional Tandem" of West Coast Swing
with Jimmy Bontemple, Lance Shermoen,
Sharlot Jansen and Shirley Fietsem

Strictly Swing (choose your partner, not your music)
with Ramiro Gonzalez & Sylvia Sykes

Jack and Jill (random partner & random music)
with Mary Ann Nunez

Three Classic Division (no lifts or drops) West Coast Swing Routines
Couples in this video, in the order they appear:
Mario Robau & Carmen Scarsborough
Robert Cordoba & Keldee B
Robert Royston & Laureen Baldovi

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Phoenix Jam Session with King Kenny Wetzel
Features Atlas Griffith, Mary Ann Nunez, Ramiro Gonzalez, Robert Cordoba, Beata Howe and Barry Jones.

Louie Juarez (brother of Mary Ann Nunez) & Rosie Campos
1996 US Open Street Swing (Strictly Swing)

Robert Cordoba & Melanie Roberts Dawson
1994 US Open Classic Finals (1st Place)

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Wayne & Sharlot Bott
2005 Strictly Swing

Christopher Joe & Lisa Cortez
1995 US Open Classic Prelims

1995 Classic Prelims
Part 1, with nine couples

Scott Morris & Amy Walters
1995 Showcase Finals

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Feel free to send me new ones or ones I haven't found yet! xoxo, Katherine