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Foundational Articles for
Understanding Today's WCS

If you've been in the West Coast Swing world long enough, you know there's a A LOT of big talk going on. And it all began with this blog. Over the course of six months, I wrote controversial, groundbreaking and foundational articles to define, restore and preserve the dance we love.

I wrote about the things we were all thinking, but no one was saying: narcissism, injuries, labeling Abstract Improvisation and a whole lot more. Overnight, the very first article was read 6,000 times. The words were like fire. The revolutionary seeds had been planted.

These now-core elements were joined by even more articles. Now, thousands of teachers and students live, teach and breathe by them in countries all over the world. They are the base upon which every single Weekly Note is written too. They are the WCS gospel.

Check out the first three chapters of this sensational bestselling WCS book, and see how they apply to the world beyond too:

They have now been compiled into one book, Telling the Truth: The Foundational Articles for Understanding Today's WCS, which is now available in both print and e-book on

At Over 350 Pages, Setting Dancers Free
Is the Largest Collection of Weekly Notes

This second bestseller is a collection of the most important Weekly WCS Notes. When Telling the Truth's carefully written articles no longer met the hungry demand for her writing, Katherine invented the "Weekly Note" format - an online publication that would not only be released on a weekly basis instead of monthly, but would contain more than one article at a time. 

Within weeks of their debut, Katherine's Weekly Notes were addressing 3 or more topics per Note, as well as inspirational quotes and helpful bits of trivia the dance was in danger of losing forever. If Katherine had lit a flame in the world of WCS with her articles, she turned volcanic with this new, ramped up format. 

She finally met her readership's demands. In fact, these Weekly Note publications were so raw, honest and pure, that her readership grew rapidly to include other kinds of dancers, from ballroom to Hollywood, to Broadway. Three months later, non-dancers from all walks of life, including celebrities, doctors and psychologists from all over the globe were signing up for the publication every day.

So grab Setting Dancers Free and read on while Katherine’s sharp wit, keen insights and engaging writing keeps you energized, excited and most of all... free.

Availble in both Print and eBook on