August 16, 2017

Where Did I Go? Plus Another Full Song Drops: LAYLA

New video is here! After the jump!
It's already here! Another full song footwork video has dropped, and this time, it's to one of my favorite WCS songs of all time: Eric Clapton's acoustic version of Layla.

For you folks who have been around a while, you'll remember that when this song dropped on MTV's Unplugged, it went viral, and we danced to it like crazy. I never stopped loving it, and still used it my arsenal up until my illness in 2011.

That's when I had to quit doing Walk Like an Egyptian and created Secret instead. But I was fighting fate. And so I wrote instead.

Some of you have asked why I've been gone for so long, and the short answer is the one, if you've been reading my Notes from the beginning, is... exactly what I've said: my health. But here's what I didn't say:
I ALWAYS downplayed what was really going on. I read what I said and I shake my head. I always minimized it in my Notes. It was usually wishful thinking. I wish I hadn't.

I wish I'd been more honest with myself about how bad things really were. But then again, If I had, I probably would've stopped writing earlier. So let's be thankful for the writing I did do in the time that I did it.

Speaking of that, have you SEEN how much is available on this website!? The archive alone has links to over 100 Notes, the Books are beyond incredible and will fill you in on absolutely everything you've ever wanted to know - heck, you'll be able to talk easily with Deep Water people after reading those books. You'll make them raise an eyebrow of respect at your knowledge.

They are just that helpful, that detailed and that jam-packed. Secrets, secrets, secrets. I don't keep any of them. They are all in those books.

Then there's the "Labels" section on the right hand side of this Blog - check that out. I have written on so many more things than just swing or Notes - and it's all right there. Check it out.

Anyhow, let's move on to today's video. I recorded Layla the day after recording Death Came a Knockin'. This time I wore pants that I thought were longer, but ended up being so short, I almost didn't use the video - I wanted to dump it. But my husband and friends said they actually liked it better - they liked seeing my feet.
Tell me what you think? Do you like seeing more of my feet? Are you going to download Layla too? If so, be sure to look for the "acoustic" or "unplugged" version! And make sure to buy it - Eric Clapton deserves credit on this one!