February 12, 2014

Throwin' Down on the Sochi Olympics

My Own Viewpoints on the
Sochi Olympic Athletes
Yes, I've been watching the Olympics. Well, as much as NBC will let me. Never before have I been so aware of just how much they cut up the footage and package it for us. Heck, the TV term is literally "package" for what they feed us in pieces.

Oh, how often do they cut in to a run that's already begun!? And how often are we missing a ton of information while we're simply adjusting to which sport they've thrown us into!? And don't get me started on the re-runs.

They rerun the packages so many times, but never during the day, that we realize we're only seeing perhaps two hours of footage from an entire day of competition recycled four times a night with 80 million commercials laced in between.

I believe it was the Wall Street Journal that reported that NBC's coverage of the Olympics had doubled in hours this year compared to years before. Now I shake my head...