November 02, 2015

Parris Goebel: Brilliant Choreographer Sets World on Fire

Parris & her crew in the record-breaking "Sorry" video
Over the weekend, Billboard 200 announced that history was written last week. Adele's new Hello video broke YouTube viewing records, nearly doubling the number of views Taylor Swift snatched when she broke YouTube viewing records earlier this year with her ridiculously amazing Bad Blood video.

And as much as I love Adele, the video I was replaying all week, both online and in my head, was not her Hello video, but the other video Billboard wrote about in their announcement: Justin Beiber's Sorry video.

That's right. I said Justin Bieber. I'm kind of mad about that. I can't stand the guy. Ever since he wrote those awful things in the Anne Frank Museum guestbook, I've crossed him off as worse than a Nissy. Something much worse. But he's not in the video. Nope.

So how did it break records anyway?

Because he is one lucky guy. The team that writes, produces and markets his music is brilliant. Forward thinking artists like Blood (@bloodpop) and Skrillex (@skrillex) know how to make good music, and in turn - they make Bieber look good, despite the devil inside 'm. 

Case in point: Parris Goebel. The New Zealand hip hop choreographer got the call from Justin's said team only five days before the song was set to be released, and asked that she and her crew (ReQuest of ABDC and the Royal Family of HHI) put together a lyrics video for his new song "Sorry."

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Watch Parris & her crew's amazing work:

For you West Coast Swing dancers who miss good dancing - Parris will bring you back to life. The US Open season is upon us, and I'm used to being inspired, excited and stimulated musically, emotionally and dancing-ly. Parris will get you through.

So stay tuned next week for Parris Goebel Part 2. It'll be worth the wait, I promise.