September 08, 2015

Video of the Week: Boogie by the Bay Podcast, P2

Part 2 of my Boogie by the Bay
Insider Podcast is here!
Boogie by the Bay is right around the corner, so it's time to check out the last half of my BBB Audio Expose Podcast

Confession time. Though I spill a lot of info in this podcast series, its not reflective of my other work. This is a much more personal podcast, because I personally worked with this team and it didn't end well. At all. 

If I recorded it today, it would sound very different. I know about the cult now. And in that light, all of the drama I experienced goes right out the window. All of these crazy stories you will hear will suddenly make sense. They don't sound so crazy anymore. They sound like textbook cult behavior.

But I didn't know that when I recorded this. So you will hear a frustrated professional, fighting to understand what she lived through and fighting to help you live through it too - well, more like avoid it altogether, really.  I recorded these sessions as a heads up in a world that never gives anyone a heads up. You get involved, and then they say, "Yup. I knew it would be like that."

There's nothing more frustrating than hearing you could have avoided pain and drama, but no one bothered giving you the info you needed in time. They just let you walk straight into a wall.

And that was the last thing I wanted for anyone else.  So you will hear a lot of insider info here. I talk about The Ten in this Podcast more than I do in any other. 

If you can handle my tone and put it in perspective, I thank you. The information is much too important not to share with you, so yes - please share away! Listen to what it sounds like to be involved in a cult and not know it... and be glad that you now do!

Katherine Eastvold