September 28, 2015

Freestyle Footwork 3: Lil' Mama - Sausage

A New Footwork Video is Here:
The Story Behind It
If you were like the rest of the nation - scratch that - world, you were rockin' out to Lil' Mama's summer breakout hit "Sausage." Not only was it incredibly tight, catchy and well done, but the music video she released it with blew the last few years of MTV video awards out of the water.

She was, in short, hot this summer. And I was so, so glad to have her back.

Unlike most artists that top the charts these days, she doesn't rely on explicit lyrics to send a message. Not only that, but her message is always a positive one. It builds community rather than breaks it down. Bullying has become so rampant we become hostile when someone doesn't do it in their music, and Lil' Mama took some of that heat this summer.

For some reason, men are the only artists allowed to mimic or give homage to the artists that came before them. Will Smith takes on Michael Jackson, Kanye takes everything from Gil Heron and P-Diddy takes on... well, everyone.

But when Lil Mama does it? Oh no. How dare she!?! I swear, had she sent a 'beat-em-up' message or a derogatory one, she would have been harassed less.

But the world didn't listen to the hip hop critics (publications praised her). The world instead listened to her song. A lot. And I did too. I still am. So I clapped my hands when I realized, while going through my music during the last taping, looking for a song to dance to for you, that I could finally put my love for her to good use.

Since it's not something one would request at a dance, it was incredibly fun to dance with freedom to it just for you. I loved every second of it, and I hope you end up loving it too. As you'll read in my next few Knee Journal entries, I won't be able to tape anymore of these until my surgery. Luckily, I have a few saved up though, so I'll be back next week with some more for you.

But just don't show this to my doctor. She just might pass out. Whoops! Oh well. I didn't know it was so bad at the time of taping!!! But more on that later. For now, let's get to the dancing. Let's do it!

So there it is. Hope you enjoyed & learned!
Much love, and until next time!
Katherine Eastvold

Love the music? Here are some other links to enjoy: Click here to view Lil' Mama's Sausage Video. Click here to find a free .mp3 download version of it on Soundcloud. She released the song for free. It's not on iTunes. She is truly a class act.