December 05, 2013

The Monopoly

Another Audio Exposé:
The Monopoly 
Excerpt from Weekly WCS Note #78: New Audio Exposé! Released Oct 21st 2013. Updated and revised. 

"I am speaking for all of us. I'm the spokesman for a generation."
-Bob Dylan

Dear Readers, 
This is a major heads up. Big changes in the WCS community are occurring even as I speak. Alliances are being formed, friendships are being tested and loyalty is being expected. It's big. So, so, so, so BIG.

You need to be aware. Newcomers to legends - we much all be alert and aware. Changes like these can last for decades, as we have already seen. Today's new narration, The Monopoly, will give you AMAZING tools for understanding, as do the recent Boogie by the Bay uploads.

Be well, be safe, you're loved,

(plus The Art of War)

I am SO glad you guys are loving the new Audio Expos. I've been listening to them over the course of the week, as I've done chores around the house, etc etc. My, my, my! They sure are captivating! 

Today I'm releasing the very first exposé I ever recorded. The first! And that's for a very good reason.

I begin with a story about the US Open and the Art of War, and finish with the story about a Monopoly that's held one huge city in its grip for ten years, driving out all WCS instructors and dancers. I talk about the "Four Guys" in great detail. Maybe you'll recognize someone. Maybe you'll know all of them! (I later reveal their names in #84: Playing Monopoly.)

The one thing that's guaranteed is that it will most definitely prepare you for the people you'll meet and come across everyday in swing - at conventions, studios and dance nights. They say that knowledge is power. Be empowered. Click Here, and listen.