October 22, 2013

New Format! WCS Audio Exposés!

WCS Audio Exposés:
Powerful Stories, Memories & More
Two years ago... TWO YEARS AGO (I can't believe it's just two years!!!) I wrote you saying I was switching from my established Articles format and moving into something very different - a weekly format. One that was informal, off-the-cuff and rather wild...

Oh, my. Did any of us think they would get this big? How much has changed, grown and expanded with their meager start? In the beginning I barely filled a page, and now I have to work hard not to fill twelve. We seen so much together. We've come so far, haven't we?

In just two short, fast years... where so much happened that I feel like it's been twenty! not just two.

That really says something about the power of these Weekly Notes. I hope this next chapter will bring the same excitement and discussion, because...

I'm bringing you a brand new format! Again! A NEW way of reaching you, just like the Weekly Notes were a new way from the Articles. If the Weekly Notes took us this far, what will my WCS "Audio Exposés" do? Podcasts give me a whole lot more room... story after story... What will they do indeed?

I have no idea. But just like the Weekly Notes, I can promise you only one simple thing: they are revolutionary. I mean it.

Let's go.

Welcome to my very first West Coast Swing memories edition: Boogie by the Bay Audio Exposé (Two Parts). That's right. It's a video. But really, it's just audio. Audio Exposés, in fact. Me. Sharing with you. Uh oh. 

I've recorded a few others already, but I'm releasing this first in honor of Boogie by the Bay. It was there that the idea of Weekly Notes came to me. It was there I was inspired to write more than two Notes (I'll explain in the video), and it was BBB that was the subject of my very first Weekly WCS Note #1: Boogie Music?

So grab some popcorn, close your eyes, and prepare to be transported into the very first, cutting edge world... and all the power and info it is infused with.

*Note: To skip the introduction, the Exposé starts at 10:03 

(The heaviest "dirt," so to speak)

Enjoy the new format! They most certainly are explosive, that's for sure ; )

The following is a summary taken from Weekly Notes #77 & 78.