December 19, 2013

#79: Behind the Scenes of a 'Walk Like an Egyptian' Practice Session

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Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving. -WT Purkiser

I really love today's quote. I've definitely lived through times where I wasn't using the gifts I was given, or spending time with the ones I'd been sent. Too often I have spent my life doing what was expected of me by others.

It didn't take much on their part. All they had to do was ask, and I'd go the extra mile for them. It didn't matter who they were, where they were from or even if they cared about me or not. I would do my best to answer their wants, needs, questions, etc.

What a waste those years were. How much more I could have accomplished! And how much more I could have enjoyed them.

But the more I spend my time using my gifts, like writing, teaching and speaking, for those who do care about me, and not simply what I can do for them... the more I spend time with those who don't expect anything from me and just love me just as I am... I become more and more grateful for these gifts.

I enjoy them more. I enjoy my life more. I enjoy my gifts more.

The same goes for the other gifts I've been given, like my husband Nick and my dance partner, Josh. Some of my very favorite memories of our times together didn't take place at a dance convention, but during our time together off-set... whether it was adventuring, exploring, praying, talking or just cooking, eating and laughing together.

Today I'm lucky enough to be spending it with them once again. I really am thankful for them, and I really am, as the quote says, investing in them. It does pay off.

This Thanksgiving I hope the same for you. May you spend it with the people you truly enjoy and do the things that make you glow.

In the meantime, here is our Thanksgiving treat for you. Feel free to share and share away. It's for all of you.


If you caught my blog post from a few weeks ago (I've since taken it down), you'll have read that it is more than time for me to move on from swing.

These Commentary & Critiques were taped long before the Audio Commentaries were even thought of, but I just hadn't released them yet.

So here they are. I have a few others in the wings too, but they will have to wait.

I am happily working on other projects that are non-swing related and I will share them with you when I am done. But until then, I hope to hold off on putting any more work into swing projects until I have extra time that is not needed elsewhere.

With love & good cheer,
Happy Thanksgiving!
From the Thanksgiving Three,
Katherine Eastvold
Nick Eastvold
Josh Clark

From Weekly WCS Note #79: Buried Treasure (previously Buckle Up!). Released on Thanksgiving Day, November 28th 2013.