March 05, 2014

#57: Stealing from Street Swing

Looking Back on the Powerhouse
Performers of Street Swing
I warn you, if you bore me, I shall take my revenge.
-JRR Tolkein

I wonder... Over the break I uploaded a ton of videos that haven't been up on the internet yet. Some were blocked due the music copyrights, but most went up clean and smooth... and I'm so glad I get to share them with you!

The following videos are just a few of the ones I uploaded, but they are special and I think you'll get a lot out of them. That's because all of these videos are STREET SWING videos. That means the dancers could pick their partner, but they didn't get to choose their music. They walked out into the spotlight at the Disneyland Hotel and had to rise to the pressure, no matter what song they ended up playing.

So all of the music below was luck of the draw and yet, notice how amazing and well-phrased all of these leaders are! I see so many videos posted of 'pros' performing "demo's" nowadays... pros that have been partners for years... and NONE of them look as clean as any of these amazing dancers below.

The technique is awesome, the lead and follow is perfect. The men have power and the women have power too! The timing is impeccable and the footwork is totally amazing.

When you see a real WCS demo, it will look much more like these below, where all of my new West Coast Swing Essentials are clearly danced, and danced well.

Have fun stealing moves everybody!

Ramiro Gonzalez & Sylvia Sykes
1995 Street Swing - 1st Place

Jason Colacino & Gina Amato Brown
1996 Street Swing - 1st Place

Christopher Joe & Melanie Roberts Dawson
1995 Street Swing - 2nd Place

Louie Juarez & Rosie Campos
1996 Street Swing - 2nd Place

Enjoy stealing some moves & syncopations!

Happy New Year!

From Weekly WCS Note #57: Stealing from Street Swing. Released January 7th 2013. Updated and revised.