March 17, 2014

#41: Silence Implies Consent

The Silence of WCS
Leadership is Deafening
Historical Background: 

In August and September of 2012 I experienced a whole new level of violence from certain professionals in the WCS community. Prior to then I had received many threats of violence, including death threats, but in these months they took real action and hunted me down in my very own home with the intention of ending my life.

Since no one in the community moved to stay their hand, I ended my development of a new council and began my move out of swing. I shared this information in Notes prior to this one, Note #41: The World Thinks We're Latin, and this article was my final follow-up on the subject. It was released on October 3rd 2012.

Qui tacet consentit. (Silence implies consent.) -Common Law Term

The "silence implies consent" law is, I believe, the root of the violence against my home and family.  The politicians of WCS email me and say they "can't believe anyone would do that!" or "I can't believe this is in our community!"  But then, they've seen incredible ugliness from these same pros online and in person and said nothing. Did nothing.

People are banned from events. Silence. No action.

"Silence implies consent." 

Let me be clear:

No pro or all-star on the planet would EVER come after me physically if they thought they didn't have the full support of our 'points, pro and political system.' 

I think calling the police was rather a shock for them. Heck, even Facebook banned some of them for two weeks for their attacks. Facebook! The most uncontrolled free for all on the planet said NO to their behavior. 

But everyone on the roster this weekend? Said yes. Please. Go right ahead. She deserves it. She should never have spoken her mind. And for that, she should pay. 

"Silence implies consent."

But not everyone was shocked. Just as I expected, it was the social dancers and newcomers to the dance who wrote in and said, "oh, yeah, I can really see them doing that." Most of them guessed the majority of the names without even asking me.

I think you're really going to enjoy our "new flag" and the freedom and the safety it will hold for those who want nothing more than to "triple."

From Weekly Note #41: The World Thinks We're Latin.