March 05, 2014

#38: Joke of the Day: Jason Creel

When Bad Dancers Say
They Are Professionals
In the times of fear and confusion the job of informing the public was the responsibility of the Daily Planet. A great metropolitan newspaper, whose reputation for clarity and truth had become a symbol of hope for the city of Metropolis. -1st Issue of Superman, 1938

I am not cruel. I am not a bully. I do not enjoy the current trend in humor - the one where the butt of every joke is a person. They "poke" (jab real hard, IMHO) fun at age groups, intelligence, social groups and certain regions. It's rather exhausting, really, how many things we're supposed to make fun of these days.

But I am a lover of Shakespeare. I do find foolish things just that: foolish. Centuries ago, fools were comical. But today, fools are praised and put on a pedestal. Like today's guest. He will make you laugh. He will make you cry. Yes, indeed.

I discovered him through a Southern California reader. They forwarded me a local promoter's email about a brand new addition to his upcoming event. The reader didn't know who the new teacher was, so he looked him up on YouTube and decided to forward both the dancer's most recent video to me, along with the original advertisement. I'm so glad he did.

You see, it's been hard, watching us shift from a hand full of fools to a majority of fools over the last fifteen years. It just hasn't been easy. And normally I don't laugh at an abuse of power by today's event directors. I hate how they shaft people who pay good money to bow down to those that get in for free or make money. It's crazy.

But a day like today was bound to arise. Where the fools aren't just the majority, they are everybody. Because only a true fool would hire such another great fool for their event. And only a true fool would claim they are almighty and powerful when in reality they are merely an ant.

Oh, how my days at the Royal Shakespeare Company are coming back to me. No wonder I didn't cringe at this advertisement or video... no wonder I laughed! And laughed, and laughed and laughed. We would be great fodder for the grand master now.

Are you ready? Here is the Jester and his court:: 

Jay Byam (People Who Dance), a SoCal event director and promoter for WCS and Salsa, but out the following advertisement to his giant email list (verbatim):

"Special Class Wednesday Night Swing & Guest ! 
from the Palm Springs Swing Dance Classics!!!
 Jason is offering a SPECIAL for Private Lesson in Swing & Ballroom
(regular price $85 .. Special price $50 while until he Leaves Monday )
Call or text him for YOURS...
He only has time for 8 privates..."

Now, I had never heard of Jason Creel. Neither had my reader, which is why he looked him up and emailed me. And I'm glad he did, because I was very curious as to why I didn't know the name of a teacher who is so well trained that he would charge a whopping $85 dollars for a private lesson (Mary Ann Nunez is $75).

But my reader had done the work for me and posted his most recent video on YouTube. Oh boy. Get ready to be dazzled... (If the video doesn't load, you can click here to find it.)

Jason Creel - West Coast Swing???

After noticing that the video was taken in Alabama at a ballroom event (former USABDA) and that the girl looked like every blonde haired All-Star dancer I know in CA, I waited to see Jason move...

Oh, God... the dancing. Help me Lord, the dancing. It still makes me want to stab my eyes out about a minute in. My husband, who loves scary movies, was the only one of us who could watch the whole thing. But I most definitely found it hysterical. I started giggling the moment he turned around. There's nothing funnier to a true professional watching a baby hamster trying to do a double-swivel. Nothing. Foolish indeed.

Look. I am all for cheering on newcomers and beginners. I will be the first to give them a standing ovation. But...
The very definition of humility is 
admitting, believing and acting in accordance with who you really are. 

Not more. Not less.

Humility is knowing exactly where you stand
and never proclaiming otherwise.

But this guy is clearly aiming for the head of the order of Nissy-hood.

To be at a sub-par novice level, with not an ounce of natural timing or body movement... and not one hint of training, exercises, classes lessons or more beyond that... and then charge $85... EIGHTY FIVE DOLLARS AN HOUR?!?!?! And say that you are a PROFESSIONAL in BOTH swing and ballroom???

Babe. You're not even a professional at walking. 

And Jay Byam should know that. He advertised Jason Creel as not only a teacher at his Summer Dance Camp and New Years Extravaganzas, but as a "special" instructor that "you just HAVE" to book with!

"Special." I'd say that word just might apply to Jason Creel, except that this isn't the first fool that Jay Byam has hired. What you see here is pretty much exactly what you will get there, at his events. Just multiple Mr. Creel enough to fill a room and there you have it. 

At the end of the email, my reader asked me the following question: "Is it rude to laugh at this?" And my answer was... "No. I did. You're fine."

Because it's okay to call a spade a spade. 
It's okay to see the truth. And it's okay to have good humor... 

Especially when it makes moving on even easier.

Excerpt from Weekly WCS Note #38: 50 Shades of... Released August 27th 2012. Updated and revised March 2014.