March 08, 2012

My Top 10

I feel truly lucky to have found partner dancing at such a young age, and even luckier to have followed so many talented and amazing leads. When I was single, I used to tell people, "I don't care about marrying someone who dances... I just care about marrying someone who loves watching me dance." Well, my husband does both and let me just say, he will always be at the top of my list, in all areas of life. I'm lucky indeed!

But back to it... 

There is such a thing as a life changing dance. And life changing leads. Until you have been lead well, you don't know how precious dancing is, or how beautiful and edified you can truly feel. So in honor of the amazing leads in my life, and the love and inspiration they've grown in me, here are my Top 10 leads of all time...


Wayne Bott 

Mark Eckstein 

Demetre Souliotes 

Mark Scheuffele 

Jack Carey 


Ramiro Gonzalez 
(will knock both women and men out of the way to get to!) 

Gregory Scott 
(insanely yummy lead that you can live a lifetime on- let's pray he never changes!) 

Annie Hirsch
(Lightest, most precise and lively lead ever. No one has come close.) 

Sonny Watson 
(I have to wear a seatbelt and up my game) 

John Lindo 
(not only is every dance full of joy and daring, 
but the joy always seem to spread to the onlookers... every single time. And that's a gift indeed.)

As I write each of these names, I realize how completely different each of these leaders are. One only does syncopations, one doesn't do anything but straight patterns. One rocks it out and one digs deep into the floor with smooth creativity.

I don't know how to explain it fully using the written word, but every single one of these men leads center to center, and makes me do more than I could ever do on my own.

What they do with that power varies dramatically, but one thing doesn't- each of their leads is in my veins... and will never leave until I die.

Thank God for that. 


The above was first released in Weekly Note #16. Since then, people have sent me their list of 'best' leads, and I've heard that ladies are now telling their leads how much they love them. I think that's wonderful. Men who invest in, or have natural leads, should receive positive feedback. We could all use a little more leading... and a little more love.

I hope you also notice... a good lead has very little to do with personality and charm. I have always said I judge a persons' dancing separately from their personal life and personality. Even age, if you look at this list. A good lead is just that... a good lead. No matter who they are.

So... who is in YOUR Top 10?
Best & Truly,
Katherine Krok Eastvold

ps- At the time of publication, my husband asked, "where the heck is Kyle Redd???" Oh snap. How can I fit him into my Top 5?  Because he has been and will always be there. And my husband knows it! And Jason Cristadulo... where the heck did he go? Sigh...