March 02, 2012

Angry Bees & Being Free

Change is in the air. I've noticed people are more willing to request swing songs at their local dance venues. I've noticed people putting healthier boundaries on Nissies, limiting their exposure to rude and uncalled for behavior. I'm seeing dancers more willing to express and discuss their opinions, instead of believing they have no value or voice.

I left my last dance party thinking, "people are really waking up!" They are more alert, more willing to question, more willing to really watch... watch the floor, watch the dancers, watch the music. Here in California, that's a big change. I wonder how things are going in your neck of the woods?

Unfortunately, as we awaken to what's really going on, those who put us to sleep have suddenly started to buzz and sting like angry hornets. They push, pull, argue, complain and claim to be blameless, perfect or worse... they claim to be victims.

How can we handle this?

Let them be. 

There is no safe, healthy or worthwhile way to interact with rude and anti-social behavior. I repeat: NONE. It's much easier to be caught in their web when we do, and I'd rather they attract their own kind... and not hurt ours. 

You can act with your dollar, your scores, your teaching and your dancing... don't let their anger and hate touch your joy of this amazing and incredible dance we call... SWING!

Be well & be free! 

I wrote this in one of my Notes last November. So very much has happened since then and so much is just beginning in communities across the globe, that I thought it was appropriate to re-post it publicly. True WCS brings freedom, joy and life. Let's let all else be... and enjoy our new found paths to proper training, identification and... swing!