December 05, 2014

#101: Did I Hear That Right?

Choosing Another Track
The following is a sidebar article from Weekly WCS Note #101: Preparing for the Big One.

You might have heard that a few big names are changing their tunes. Yes, that's right. Big names in the church and the ten are suddenly teaching... gasp! Swing!

So what changed? Some of these names participated - heck, even LED - some of the most brutal online harassment our sport has ever seen... And now they're teaching WCS again? What gives?

A lot. A lot, a lot, a lot
It's practically supernatural.
I still can't believe it myself.
But here's the surprising factoid I learned from every single one of them... ready...? None of them...  NONE of them... Not one of them... (okay, yes one of them, but only one of them)... Even the worst one of them...

... had ever, ever, EVER read a word I'd written!

They were going on hearsay.
Can you believe that? 

Of course, all the hearsay they heard ended up being completely false. Fiction. Untrue. Complete fabrications. But they didn't know that. They trusted and listened to others. For years. So what changed? Well, a lot, like I said, but one thing they all shared is that they all finally read my stuff for themselves.

And boooooy, were they ever shocked. Upset. Enraged. And they stopped acting out on those false rumors, and started making up their own minds about what to say, do and teach.

So what about you

Have you only heard what others have said I've written??? Or have you read me on your own? When you have read me, was it a piece of an article, taken out of context? Or was it the whole article, along with the other articles I mentioned in it?

Do you run into a lot of haters? People who hate my name, hate "what I've said," or "what I've done?" Ask a few questions and find out if they actually know anything about what I've written. Chances are, they're going on the word of a few loud liars out there.

If you've ever met me, then you already know this: 

I love. 

I do. I love. It's what I'm good at. Loving. And it makes me so sad to learn how so many have been separated from my love for too long.

Buy a book. Wrap yourself in a blanket. And sit down to enjoy the words that are changing so many lives... not to mention the world of swing.