April 05, 2012

One Year Anniversary: The Nissy

I can't believe it's been only one year since I released my very first article, The Nissy. Wow.

I can't help but notice that this is the very first topic I wrote on. I've written on so many topics since, but The Nissies needed to be addressed first for me. I'm learning that the fight against bullying, intimidation and arrogance without regard to consequences is a true calling for me. I've been fighting against this kind of abuse for years. I've seen clips of the new movie, "Bully," and I was horrified. When I was working in the public school system, I immediately nipped every sign of bullying in the bud. It's not difficult, especially with kids. And yet, no one in authority even remotely lifted a finger against it.

Nissies are the worst of the bullies, because they are charming, wonderful and fun when things are going their way... when people don't question, don't think for themselves and stay submissive and/ or worshipful no matter what. Their true colors are only revealed when someone disagrees with them, when they believe their perfection is being questioned... when they feel their power is threatened in any way shape or form. When that happens, they turn instantly... the anger overflows and bursts in misguided and abusive cruelty. Anyone and everyone can be a target.

I was recently researching bullies and came across this quote. As graphic as it is, I believe it is more accurate than any quote on bullying I've seen yet.  Ugly as it is, it's true. So very very true---

If you let a bully come in your front yard...
he'll be on your porch the next day 
and the day after that 
he'll rape your wife in your own bed.
-Lyndon B. Johnson

WCS caved into bullies in the late 90's and we have paid the price every since. It's my hope and dream that the clubs and newcomers in our shaky WCS community will heed this quote and hold their ground when the Nissies come knocking. Because they will. They most definitely will.

Take courage and take a stand early. It will save you so much pain, drama and energy... that energy should be fully invested on the dance floor, yes? Yes!

Read "The Nissy."

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With love & freedom,
Katherine Krok Eastvold