April 17, 2012

New! West Coast Swing Video Page!

I am so excited! Students have been requesting a page like this for the last two years now. You can't just type "West Coast Swing" into a search engine anymore. The majority of videos you get will be, at worst, Abstract Improvisation or at best, messy split weight swing.  And that gets really old after a while. So you've been asking... where can I just find pure swing... and nothing else?

Well, it's finally here!  Underneath this Blog's header are some pages: Home, Weekly Notes, Articles, Contact... and now... VIDEOS!  So far I have 55 videos on there, and I'll just keep adding them as you send them to me or as I remember ones I've forgotten.

My YouTube Channel is great for when I post educational materials and videos that have never been on the web before, but this page is different. You can click on any video from any year and it will be swing. But don't make that fatal mistake- don't assume that because a certain "name" is featured, that they teach real swing. A lot of them don't anymore. So just enjoy the performances for what they are- good swing performances.

Some are better than others, and the styles have a huge range. Good WCS has always had a huge variety of styles, but as you'll see... they ALL follow the WCSwing Essentials.

So have some fun and be sure to share with your friends!!!

With the joy of real swing,