August 01, 2012

Get Your Training On... Olympic Style

I liked what an instructor here in the States wrote recently:
"Enjoy the Olympics (it represents what people can do with a lot of focus, practice, and determination). How will it inspire your dancing?"
It reminded me of my article "The Power of Perfection." This is truly an exciting time in history... as it always is when it comes to the Olympics.

But since we are in the middle of the Summer Olympics, the fact of the matter is that you will have, quite frankly... the best chance to check out the "power" that comes with centering.

Women's Balance Beam

As I walked past a large flatscreen in a restaurant over the weekend, I saw a man do the most tremendous gymnastics routine... he executed these incredibly expanded, point-perfect acts of balance, control, positioning and thrust... pivots, angles, motions... one single small change in the direction of his center changed the entire game.

I saw body flight... on an Olympic level. 

Body flight. 

The power of the center.

Men's Synchronized Diving

You will see it in the swimmers, you will see it in the gymnasts, you will even see it in the runners... Watch while our Olympians are not covered in large vests of down feather padding, but when their centers are almost the main attraction... bodies in the midst of perfect execution, using their centers in all their glory.

Women's Fencing

What an amazing time to learn. What an amazing gift. And what a perfect time to celebrate unity in the in the world of excellence and training.

Men's Basketball

It's the Olympics. Jump on it.
And be inspired.


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