May 02, 2012

Keep it Simple

I recently found this on the UK's South England WCS Page and thought you'd enjoy.

To All West Coast Leaders -
Remember the K.I.S.S. Principle!

Keep it simple, stupid, 
Is what I always say,
For when you're dancing west coast,
There is no other way.

Just keep it simple, stupid,
Control those twitchy feet,
Don't try to show off all your moves,
To every girl you meet.

You may try all the moves there are,
When dancing on the floor,
But all that does is to proclaim,
You are a west coast bore.

Too many men take to the floor,
Who give the girls a fright,
By messing up some fancy move,
They half-learned just last night.

Now, gents, the thing your partners want,
Is heaven, not a hell,
So learn to do the simple things,
And learn to do them well.

Just keep it simple, stupid,
It's balance, poise and pace,
It's dancing in the music,
With elegance and grace.

Yes, keep it simple, stupid,
And the way that you'll impress,
Is never ever to forget:
In west coast, more is less.

Please, please, just keep it simple,
I urge you and implore,
You'll please yourself and partner,
For less is always more.

(Adapted from the original tango poem by John Villiers, London, 2003.)

And thank you, Alaister Copland and Mike Rosa,
for all of your work in the UK!
Check out their page here if you haven't already: